10 of the most useful apps for small businesses

A small businessowner’s main focus will always be on the expansion and growth of the company.Doing so in the technologically advancing age means that there are oftenshortcuts, and helping hands in the guise of apps to keep businesses runningwell. Here, we have compiled a list of 10 useful apps for small businesses toaid in their success.


This app covers mostfinance within a business, including the payroll, tax and benefits process.Aside from this, Gusto automatically notifies the government of your company’snew hires, handles all type of tax filings, and emails digital pay stubs to allemployees. It currently serves over 25,000 clients.


This free app is specifically designed for any smallbusiness, independent contractor and sole proprietors with nine or feweremployees. It covers most accounting a business need be concerned with, forexample tracking sales and expenses, managing invoices and customer payments,paying employees, scanning receipts and denigrating accounting reports. Recently,the company has added a free personal finance feature to help small businessowners find all of their financial systems in one app.


This task management app aims to simply organise your schedule.Items can be easily adjusted by pulling them down the screen, pinching them,and swiping them from the screen once completed. Each list, schedule andreminder you plug into, Clear can be synched to your Mac desktop, iPhone, iPad,Apple Watch and iPod Touch to ensure you can view your to-do list on anyplatform.


For those prone to procrastination, RescueTime helps to drawattention to the time you spend idly by tracking how long you are onapplications and websites. It then sends you reports based on this activity. Itcan be used across Mac, PC, Android and Linux. This version of the app is free,but can be upgraded for a yearly fee to alert you, block distracting websitesand offer more detailed reports.


Acting as your go-to itinerary app, TripIt lets youconsolidate all of your travel plans in one place regardless of the differentwebsites you have used to purchase tickets or excursions on. It is as simple asforwarding on any confirmation travel emails to the app, and it then gives youa platform to view your departure times and delays, find directions to theairport and even view weather reports.


This app is designed to keep track of your expenses while ona business trip by extracting data from the credit or debit card you link up toit. It then automatically puts this information onto an expense report.Alternately, you can take pictures of receipts on your phone and the app willextract the needed information from it, for you to then convert into an expensereport manually.


Users of the app receive a small, portable card reader thatcan be attached to any phone or mobile device to take instant payments. The appdeducts 2.75% of every swipe automatically, and 3.5% of any manually enteredtransaction. Square is also able to take mobile payments, such as Apple Pay andEMV chip cards. The app costs a small fee upfront, and then the percentage itextracts per transaction.


To simplify the hiring process, Proven provides a platformto organise hiring and post any job listings across multiple job boards withease. It also gives the ability to view applications and categorize applicantsinto a yes, no and maybe section. This app is free to download on iOS andAndroid, and is currently being used by over 1,000 businesses. Costs do arisefrom the number of jobs you need to post and boards to which you post them.This app is brilliant for companies that have sporadic hiring needs – like inrestaurants or retail.


This app works as the hub for any project occurring in abusiness, as it serves to track each members workflow. Different assignmentsare loaded onto Trello, and then members, comments, attachments (from GoogleDrive, Dropbox or your computer), checklists, due dates etc., are then added.Whenever any changes are made to the assignment, each member is alerted viaemail. The app is free to use, but can be upgraded to a business model to offermore features; including integration with apps. Also, an enterprise version isavailable, which offers even more added features, like dedicated accountmanagers and more security features.


This app serves as your personal email marketer, buildingand managing mailing lists, and giving the ability to create and sendnewsletters. Email templates can be built and customised, and email reports canbe sent directly to you to keep track of statistics. The app is free for up to12,000 emails if you have 2,000 subscribers, and prices vary then after.


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