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What is covered by the Motorsport UK policy? 

The policy provides cover for Motorsport UK member clubs and organisations within the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and elsewhere in the world (excluding the USA) subject to the issue of a Motorsport UK permit or certificate of excemption. The period of cover is 12 months from the 1 January each year and includes:

  • Public and products liability - £100,000,000
  • Medical Malpractice - £15,000,000 

A £450 policy excess applies to each and every claim (with the exception of claims for third party injuries).

Public and products liability
Medical malpractice


  • Legal liability of the Insured parties for injury to third parties and damage to their property (including nervous 
    shock or mental injury, obstruction, trespass, nuisance, interference, wrongful arrest or eviction).
  • Legal liability arising from the supply of food or drink or promotional material merchandise or souvenirs sold or supplied in connection with the Insured Event.
  • Legal liability of the Insured parties for loss of or damage to officials’ and visitor’s vehicles or personal belongings.
  • Legal liability of the Insured parties for loss or damage to premises hired or rented to you for the purpose of your business.
  • Legal expenses and costs in defending prosecutions under health and safety legislation.
 For full details please refer to the policy summary and policy wording in the downloads section below.


  • Legal liability of the Insured parties for claims made resulting from treatment given by any medically qualified 
    person or persons acting in connection with an Insured Event.
  • Defence and legal costs in connection with a claim happening.

Principal exclusions

  1. Any event or part of an event not authorised under a Motorsport UK permit or certificate of exemption.
  2. Any form of Road Traffic Act liability. (Please contact Bluein Sport if cover is required).
  3. Claims for damage to property which is owned by the club (Property of the Club will be specifically Insured by the Club - please contact Bluefin Sport if cover is required).
  4. The first £450 of each and every claim for damage to third party property; the first £450 each and every claim for Medical Malpractice.
  5. Participant to Participant where such legal liability arises on the track on the stage or in the pits area whilst operating a vehicle under its own power.
  6. Damage to any road track circuit or other surface or any equipment or circuit furniture (hired or otherwise - please contact Bluefin Sport if cover is required).
  7. Fines liquidated damages or penalty clauses.
  8. Terrorism.
  9. Liability in any way caused by Asbestos.
  10. Pollution unless caused by a sudden and identifiable incident.
  11. Any losses arising from the use of any diggers, excavators, mechanical plant or machinery used by the Insured in the set-up or dismantling of any insured event which is owned, leased, hired or loaned to or by the Insured.
  12. It is understood and agreed that this policy does not cover any loss caused directly or indirectly, contributed to by or attributable to a Communicable Disease or fear or threat of a Communicable Disease. 

Policy extension for club social activities 

This liability insurance policy has been extended from just covering Motorsport UK permitted events to include Motorsport UK affiliated club social activities. This is an excellent benefit to clubs and ensures there is a seamless cover in place between the staging of a club event and the social activities of the club. There are however exclusions to be aware of that we have noted below. If you require particular event insurance that is not covered by this extension please contact Bluefin Sport.

The types of social activities, which are included, are of a non-motorsport nature such as:

  • Presentation and Award nights.
  • Annual Dinners.
  • Anniversary Dinners.
  • Fundraising events.
  • Attendance at exhibitions and conferences.
  • Administrative duties.
  • Static Displays.

Please note there are certain EXCLUSIONS attaching to this extension of cover which your club must understand. These are:

  1. Participation in motor sport activities of any kind whatsoever.
  2. Use of Pyrotechnics and Explosions.
  3. Overseas activities.
  4. Commercial activities for commercial gain excepting raffles, prize draws and the like.
  5. Employers Liability.
  6. This benefit is ideally targeted to Motorsport UK clubs who do not engage in commercial activities for financial gain or who do not organise and participate in non Motorsport UK permitted motor sport activities.

If you are in any doubt whatsoever concerning the extent of cover available to your club under this extension of cover please contact Bluefin Sport. 


Public and products liability summary

Public liability club social activities summary 

Public and products liability policy wording


The Motorsport UK policy of course has limitations, so here is a list of some addItional specialist motorsport insurance policies we can provide to clubs and organisations if required:

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Road Traffic Act liabilities, road section insurance

Event liabilities insurance

Motor club insurance - ClubGuard

Circuit and venue insurance

Motor traders insurance

Alternatively visit the motorsport page of our website for the full range of products and solutions we can provide.

Looking for additional insurance protection?

We specialise in motorsport and can provide a variety of products to suit the needs of motorsport clubs of all sizes. Whether it is the provision of Employers Liability or cover for club owned property, we can help.