insurance for competitors and participants

What is covered by the Motorsport UK policy?

The policy provides cover for Motorsport UK participants that are authorised to compete within the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and elsewhere in the world (excluding the USA) subject to the issue of a Motorsport UK permit or certificate of excemption. The period of cover is 12 months from the 1 January each year and includes:

  • Public and products liability - £100,000,000. Public liability is defined as any person injuring another or damaging another's property as a result of acting negligently, this may result in an action for compensation being brought against them. Motorsport UK has arranged public liability insurance to protect particpaints against this potential legal liability.
  • Personal accident -  Motorsport UK has effected personal accident insurance applying at events held under Permit or Certificate of Exemption. Personal accident policies pay the pre-agreed levels of benefit to persons injured if an accident occurs within in the terms and conditions of the policy. The benefits are detailed below and top up options also available)

A £450 liability policy excess applies to each and every claim (with the exception of claims for third party injuries).

Public liability
Personal accident


  • Legal liability of the Insured parties for injury to third parties and damage to their property (including nervous shock or mental injury, obstruction, trespass, nuisance, interference, wrongful arrest or eviction).
  • Legal liability of the Insured parties for loss of or damage to officials’ and visitor’s vehicles or personal belongings.
  • Legal liability of the Insured parties for loss or damage to premises hired or rented to you for the purpose of your business.
  • Legal expenses and costs in defending prosecutions under health and safety legislation.

For full details please refer to the policy summary and policy wording in the downloads section below.

Licensed competitors

The motorsport UK policy includes cover for competition license holders. This insurance is operative during any competition and/or official practice session at an event run under permit issued by Motorsport UK or for which a Certificate of Exemption has been issued.

You can view the full breakdown of the benefits provided here, under 'Category B'.

  • Cover is operative whilst attending any motorsport event organised by Motorsport UK, including Racing, Testing and Practice including travel to and form the events in the UK.
  • Up to a maximum of 5 track days are included but which have been notified to Motorsport UK prior to the event.

In the event of accidental bodily injury this ppolicy has been extended to include up to £50,000, limited to within Europe only, for:

  • Medical expenses.
  • Repatriation.

Personal accident policy - you can 'top up' to increase your benefits.

As Motorsport UK competition licence holders, all competitors receive the benefits detailed above in the event of an injury whilst competing. However, this does not include a weekly pay out option for licensed competitors should you become injured whilst competing.

You have the option to “top up” the Motorsport UK scheme to provide a short term "Total Disability" benefit that will pay a weekly amount should you suffer a temporary total disability.

  • This cover could give you an additional pay out of up to £200 per week or 75% of your gross weekly wage, whichever is the less.
  • We also offer Personal Accident quotations for those competitors who are self-employed or require a higher weekly benefit.
  • Our 24-hour cover can also include your occupation as well as your racing activities.

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Public liability summary

Public liability policy wording

Personal Accident summary

Personal Accident Policy Wording

Personal Accident 'Top Up' enquiry form


The Motorsport UK policy of course has limitations, so here is a list of some addItional specialist motorsport insurance policies we can provide to competition license holders if required:

Motorsport Vehicle insurance

Storage and transit insurance

On event accident damage insurance

Personal accident insurance 'top up'.

Looking for additional insurance protection?

We specialise in motorsport and can provide a variety of products to suit the needs for professional and non-professional motorsport particpants. Whether you need cover for your vehicle or additonal personal accident benefits, we can help.